Team Registration Information

All organizations from the South Hills area are welcome to participate

Register your team from your local in-house league

Local leagues that would like to register and participate are subject to the rules and conditions of the South Hills Babe Ruth league. 

Participating Teams

Registering a team or multiple teams from your league gives your players the opportunity to qualify for the South Hills Babe Ruth or Cal Ripken tournament trail team.


Fees will cover the necessary insurance that is required by the Babe Ruth league. This insurance will be good for the entire year and covers all programs that the teams participate in, including in-house or Babe Ruth sanctioned events.  In-house uniforms may be provide by your local division/league or may be purchased  through BWAA. In an effort to help offset the South hills Babe Ruth/Ripken tournament trail team expenses, fundraising will be done and encouraged for all players.

South Hills Babe Ruth League Structure 

Chartered Teams

Your teams may continue to participate in the regular scheduled games for your local league. Each chartered team will be required to participate in a minimum of (10) ten Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken sanctioned in-house games to allow the players to be eligible for the South Hills Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken team. A sanctioned game is any game played with another chartered team using the rules of the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken League.

South Hills Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Tournament Team

After the players are registered and meet the appropriate age requirements, if they participate in the required in-house games, they will be eligible to tryout for the South Hills travel team. The tournament team players will be evaluated and then selected by all participating head coaches of that age group during the tryout process.  There will be teams representing the South Hills at ages 8U, 10U, 12U, 13-15, and 16-18.  Players that are not selected for the tournament team are still able to participate within your local leagues travel team and all-star team.


Some of the South Hills Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken tournament teams may participate in sanctioned league tournaments selected by the coaches and approved by officers of the SH Babe Ruth League. Each team may enter into the tournament trail, starting with the district tournament, when successful they will head to state  tournament, upon victory they will head to regional play, then on to the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken World Series.

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